Great Masters

Be inspired by the masters. We will try to replicate the methods and styles of the great artists. This 11 week course is ideal for beginners and competent artists.

No experience is needed.

We are delighted to be able to offer some of our student art for sale. The work can be viewed here in our online gallery.

Inspiring Your Creativity

Everybody has a creative spirit. Sometimes we just need to be gently inspired and shown how to access the creativity that we all have within us. Your creativity is unique, there is no other person who can create exactly as you do, and it is your right to show your mark to the world, to make your expression visible for all to see, but particularly for YOU to experience and see. We all need to overcome the fear of being judged, by others, and particularly by oneself.

Our Methodology

Safe Haven

A safe space in which you can express oneself without fear of judgement or criticism; a space that is available to be free from the constraints of the outside world.

Process Based

There is no right or wrong way to create. There is no need for outcome i.e. a finished accomplished product, just the allowance to give oneself the freedom to create.

Different Techniques

Each term a new course is facilitated so that students are continually learning new methods and techniques and honing their artistic skills.

Current Classes

Adult Evening Class

Join a once a month fun evening class of the basics of oil painting.

Adult Morning Classes

Join a morning class where we will explore useful tips and techniques to create beautiful oil paintings.

Student Gallery

See what we have been doing

Hear from our students

Paula's art classes are a wonderful space to just let go and forget about everything for a couple of hours.  Paula is a wonderful teacher. She has the amazing ability to bring out the creativity in all who attend her classes.
A few years ago I joined Paula's Arthaven art classes, not having had any previous experience of painting or drawing. Much to my delight, I found that thanks to Paula's inspiration, positive encouragement and sharing of her experiences, that I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Also after a 18-24 months, I had a couple of paintings and drawings that far exceeded my initial expectations. Thanks Paula!
As one of your longstanding pupils I can only say that your classes have been one of the highlights of my life since I moved to Hout Bay several years ago!   I have learned so much – not only about drawing and painting but also about art in general, about people and not least of all about myself!   Thank you for Art Haven!!
Art Haven is just that, a place to slow down and enjoy the process. Paula’s art lessons are relaxing and inspiring. The experience is a real antidote to a busy life in which we often focus on the end product rather than the process. I just love my weekly art lessons as it’s a place where I find meaning and connection!
I look forward to my Tuesday, where I can completely escape the real world and enter a wonderful, creative and mindful zone.  Paula provides a fabulous, supportive and non-judgemental space to allow for one's individual creativity.
I am 62 and started art classes with Paula in January this year. I cannot  draw a stick figure but my experiences in her classes each week are thrilling. I have learnt so much in a short time and have surprised myself. I can't wait to get there and hate leaving at the end of class. Besides the art , I love the tea break with Paula’s homemade delicious rusks and all our chatter with each other.
I started art classes with Paula several years ago, as a form of therapy to 'get in touch with my artistic side'. I didn't have a clue how to paint or draw. But slowly with Paula's support and encouragement, that side of me has emerged. Paula knows exactly how to bring out the best in everyone no matter what stage of their artistic journey they are at. I highly recommend her classes.
Paula is a rare gem! Her generous, kind personality, coupled with patience and constant encouragement is why I continue to enjoy my weekly art classes for over 5 years. She has given me so much confidence to create art that I never dreamt I could achieve.   #truestory!  
A happy and safe place to grow and explore your artistic side surrounded by like-minded people. Paula is one of the best teachers I have ever had and is carefully and purposefully guiding me to achieve more artistically than I ever thought possible.
Having started art classes with Paula at Art Haven earlier this year, I am looking at the world differently. I have learnt that, as Seth Godin says’, Art is not in the eye of the beholder but in the soul of the artist”.
Paula, in her professional, encouraging, passionate, nurturing way makes each and every one of us feel capable as we strive to reach our potential and search for colour and positive and negative shapes in everything around us . An added bonus is the wonderful group of people we paint alongside. & I so look forward to 3 hours of total ‘escapism ‘ weekly.

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