Everybody has a creative spirit. Sometimes we just need to be gently inspired and shown how to access the creativity that we all have within us. Your creativity is unique, there is no other person who can create exactly as you do, and it is your right to show your mark to the world, to make your expression visible for all to see, but particularly for YOU to experience and see. We all need to overcome the fear of being judged, by others, and particularly by oneself.

At Art Haven there is a way. I can give you a safe space in which you can express oneself without fear of judgement or criticism; a space that is available to be free from the constraints of the outside world- a space for you to express yourself instinctively and spontaneously. The Art Haven is an art studio where various forms and mediums of art are taught. Chinese ProverbThe art courses are based on the Astar Process developed by Lindy Solomon. The student is encouraged to create art without judgement either from the facilitator, fellow students and most importantly themselves. The atmosphere in the studio is bright, relaxed, playful and happy, a safe haven where one is able to create and discover one’s own creativity without the facilitator’s influence. There is no right or wrong way to create. The studio is an outlet for the student to use the facilities and the art process as a creative outlet for their soul. The classes are nourishment – soul food – in which one can let go of the constraints of the outside world and spend time creating just for ourselves. There is no need for outcome i.e. a finished accomplished product, just the allowance to give oneself the freedom to create. The classes start with an inspiration and a demonstration of the technique/s to be used, and then students are encouraged to experiment and create in their own unique way and style. At the end of most sessions there is a reflection, where one is encouraged to think about what one has learned in the process, both technically and personally. 

Courses are between 8 – 10 weeks in length, based on the school term. Each term a new and different course is facilitated. No previous art experience is necessary, and accomplished artists enjoy the freedom to create just as much as beginners do. Come and let your inner child free! 

Enjoy your creativity at Art Haven!

‘Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about… say yes quickly if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the universe.” – Rumi

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  1. When and where are your Art Classes? And the cost? Many thx!
    Karin Halgryn

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