Oil Painting on a Textured Surface.

Discover the artist within and explore your creativity, with a wonderful mixed media art course

Inspiring Your Creative Spirit

Everybody has a creative spirit. Sometimes we just need to be gently inspired and shown how to access the creativity that we all have within us. Your creativity is unique, there is no other person who can create exactly as you do, and it is your right to show your mark to the world, to make your expression visible for all to see, but particularly for YOU to experience and see. We all need to overcome the fear of being judged, by others, and particularly by oneself.

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Our Methodology

Safe Haven

A safe space in which you can express oneself without fear of judgement or criticism; a space that is available to be free from the constraints of the outside world.

Process Based

There is no right or wrong way to create. There is no need for outcome i.e. a finished accomplished product, just the allowance to give oneself the freedom to create.

Self Reflection

At the end of most sessions there is a reflection, where one is encouraged to think about what one has learned in the process, both technically and personally.

Current Classes

Children's Art Class

Join Children’s art classes in a fun, non-judgemental and happy environment.

Adult Evening Class

Join a once a month fun evening class of the basics of oil painting.

Oil Painting on a Textured Surface

Discove and explore your creativity, with a wonderful mixed media art class

Art Class at Llandudno

Come and join fun art classes at Llandudno Primary School

What previous students say

It is truly amazing how you can get to really know yourself by spending time being creative! Paula's classes are always exciting and fun.

I feel such joy and peace when I walk into the studio each week. This is certainly not your average art class......!

I loved coming to art classes with you- it was an opportunity to let go of inhibitions and see what creations came out of me instead of me trying desperately to create something.

It was not about the end result, but the process that that really counted. You made the classes fun and interesting and every week was something new!
It is not possible to imagine an environment more supportive, encouraging and stimulating within which to explore your creativity.

Paula manages to inspire and coach each of us in just the right way to bring out our best. It is a most enjoyable

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